Best places for Shopping in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is the perfect place where you can get a variety of locally grown coffee blends and the most authentic South Indian Coffee.

• Panduranga Coffee

Founder Sri Papanna Setty launched a small coffee business in Chikmagalur in the year 1938. His great vision and hard work have set up a successful platform to date. Panduranga Coffee has been totally involved in the business of Coffee from growing, manufacturing, transporting, and selling the products to the consumer from the past three generations. Address: Panduranga Coffee Works, M G Road, Chikmagalur – 577101. Location: Website: panduranga coffee

• The Spice Hub

The Spice Hub should be the one-stop destination if you are planning to buy the best quality spices and chocolates. They also have a wide collection of coffee powder, chutney Powders, chocolates, handmade soaps, and dry fruits. You can also try their own varieties and blends of chocolates mixed with coffee, which is one of the main things that attract the consumer. Address: Shop # 3, Mathias Towers, Indira Gandhi Road Chikmagalur – 577101. Location: Website:

• Saravana Store

Saravana Stores is one of the Authentic Dry Fruit Wholesalers, Established in the year 1964 in Chikmagalur. This Wholesale & Retail store should be a great destination to buy the best Dry fruits, Turmeric, Betel nut, Honey, Ghee, Butter, Masala Powder, Spices, Coffee Powder, and many other authentic and fresh homemade food products. Address: Opp Panduranga Coffee Works, MG Road Chikmagalur – 577101. Location: Website: saravana store

• City Shopping

Market Road in Chikmagalur is the perfect place to explore, the small shops and stalls which make it a unique experience for your shopping time. Although you can’t expect top brands and stuff here, you can just take around and check out few places here like, Maharaja Bakers, Choco World, and The Bake House, where you can try their mouth-watering dishes which will make you lick your fingers. Chikmagalur town is also famous for its sandalwood works, so ensure that you can definitely get your hands on Sandalwood idols, Perfumes, Pepper, and Vanilla which are easily available in the market.

• Shopping Malls

Shopping malls in Chikmagalur make it the top shopping sector in the city, which came up in the year 1991. Malls furnished with small and medium retails stores which have a range from Best jewelry shops, Boutiques to groceries shops. A few of the best shopping malls here are Vinayaka Shopping Point which has all the modern amenities, which is a great place to shop if you are looking for any top brand electronic item, Shri Maruti Shopping Arcade, Vipul Shopping Centre which is the best exclusive Cosmetic and gifts showroom and few more places will make your time a unique shopping experience in Chikmagalur.