Top 5 treks in and around Chikmagalur

The 05 Best Places for Trekking in Chikmagalur

The mesmerising hill station in the Western Ghats of Karnataka which is situated at a height of 3411 feet above sea level, which covers a distance of 32 square Kms, with its scenic beauty and cool weather make Chikmagalur a paradise on earth. You can find numerous places & stunning hills with cool breeze where you will experience breathtaking views with a pleasant feeling & a perfect place for Trekking. The coffee land has always welcomed Trekkers from different places & will never stop to impress you.

Best 05 Trekking points in Chikmagalur

1. Mullayanagiri: Highest peak in Karnataka

Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur Trekking

Mullayanagiri peak is a part of Baba Budan Giri Range of Western Ghats. It serves as the highest peak in south India. It gets its name from the tomb of Mullappa Swamy which is at the top of the hill. Sarpadari or also called Sarpanadi and you have to trek for about 3 to 4 kilometres before reaching the summit. The trek top to the hill is fairly easy and the view is spectacular. Known for its peaceful ambience and nature's raw beauty, this peak is covered with grassland, rugged rocks, and has a great trek path; it has an environment with temperature ranging between 20 - 25 degrees Celsius which makes it one of the most popular spots for trekking in Chikmagalur. It is also surrounded by many coffee plantations that are situated nearby which makes the view much beautiful. 


Height of hill: 1,930 metres (6,330 ft)

Starting point: Sarpadari

Distance: 3 to 4 km from the starting point.

Duration: 3 hours.

Places of interest: Mullappa Swamy Temple.

Best time to visit: September to April.

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2. Baba Budangiri: The prime tourist attractions of Chikmagalur

Bababudan Giri, Chikmagalur Trekking

Baba Budan Giri Range is a part of Western Ghats. It serves as the second highest peak in south India. This is a famous pilgrim site than a wildlife sanctuary for both Hindus and Muslims, which is renowned for its shrine to the Sufi Saint, Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar also called Baba Budan. This famous mountain range is also known to be associated with Hindu God Guru Dattatreya also known as Dattagiri Hill Range. Mullayanagiri to Baba Budan Giri has an amazing trekking trail in between. Trekkers can hike through the forest to visit Deviramma Betta, Sitalayanna Giri which has an eye-catching view of the surrounding mountain ranges.


Height of hill: 1,895 metres (6,217 ft)

Starting point: Sarpadari

Distance: 8 to 9 km from the starting point.

Duration: 5 hours.

Places of interest: Datta Peeta, Bababudangiri dargah. (Seethala-Mallikarjuna temple, Waterfalls, Galikere Lake)

Best time to visit: September to March

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3. Kemmangundi: King's summer paradise.

Kemmangundi, Chikmagalur trekking

Kemmangundi Raj Bhavan was established by Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV to relax in summer, hill station of mesmerizing views of mountains, valleys and famous for its beautiful gardens, Later donated his resort to the Government of Karnataka. These hills offer a perfect summer retreat for all nature lovers. Its natural beauty includes all dimensions and forms of green forests, beautiful gardens, springs, gushing waterfalls and streams. Z point is another point at Kemmangundi which can be reached by a steep uphill trek of about 45 minutes from Raj Bhavan which is the best place to view the sunrise. Shanthi Falls near Kemmangundi is also another interesting place to visit.


Height of hill: 1,434 m (4,705 ft)

Starting point: Raj Bhavan

Distance: Downhill trek to Hebbe Falls 8 km, Uphill trek to Z point 4 km.

Duration: Downhill trek 2 hours, Uphill trek 1 hour.

Places of interest: Z Point, Shanti Falls, Hebbe Falls.

Best time to visit: September to May

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4. Kudremukh: Paradise for trekkers

Kudremukh Z Point, Chikmagalur Trekking

Kudremukh is the name of a small hill station and a mountain range located in the Chikmagalur district. The name Kudremukha means horse face in Kannada. Kudremukh Peak is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers with its mesmerizing mountainous paths filled with flora and fauna & 3rd highest peak of Karnataka. In the year 1916, the British Government declared Kudremukh as a Reserved Forest to stop deforestation. In 1987, the Government of Karnataka declared these Reserved Forests as a National Park. It is the second-largest Wildlife Protected Area of around 600.32 km 2 of forests in the Western Ghats.

Height of hill: 1,894 m (6,214 ft)

Starting point: Forest Office to Kudremukh Peak

Distance: 9 km from the starting point.

Duration: 4 hours.

Places of interest: Kudremukh National Park, Kadambi Waterfalls, Hanumana Gundi Waterfalls, Lakya Dam.

Best time to visit: November to February

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5. Jenukal Gudda: Memory you’ll remember for life

Jenukal Gudda, Chikmagalur Trekking

Jenukal Gudda also known as ‘honey stone mountain’ is surrounded by thick green forests and plenty of coffee and tea plantations, the most enchanting views of the Western Ghats. This is one of the most suitable for trekking & a hot favourite place for the trekkers. You can trek to Jenukal Peak from Betta Byraveshwara Temple a 600-year-old ancient temple, associated with the Pandavas where they stayed here for a short while when they were exiled. The view from Jenukal Gudda is mind-blowing where you can experience an amazing sunset.

Height of hill: 1,371 m (4,500 ft)

Starting point: Byraveshwara Temple

Distance: 8 km from the starting point.

Duration: 4 hours.

Places of interest: Byraveshwara Temple

Best time to visit: October to March.